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What happens to PC ofter Migrating Windows to Parallel Desktop?

I want to move the VM to the new iMac and not use it on the old one anymore. Do I also have to buy a new Windows 10 license because the hardware has changed or can I thransfer and run it as before? Sathiya Parallels , Feb 27, Last edited: Oct 3, Hi mabam , the software installed inside your virtual machine detects the hardware change and presumes it to be installed on a different machine.

So please have a word with the software support regarding the same. Arun Parallels , Oct 3, Hello Arun , Thank you for your response.

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The developer doesn't extend the activation possibilities, I'm afraid. Besides that, Parallels Desktop is supposed to be able to keep the virtual environment for a moved VM the same as it has been before, so there shouldn't be any hardware change that the system and software contained in that VM could recognise. Therefore - and because you are not the developer of the software that complains about activation, but of Parallels Desktop - I haven't asked you to worry about that software, but I have asked you why Parallels Desktop doesn't do what it should do.

In the meantime I have done some testing myself: On my new system, I have removed Parallels 14 and then first installed version 10, have it open the VM and update Parallels Tools - after that the software still worked flawlessly. Secondly I installed version 11 and did the same - also there that software ran without issues.

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Then I installed version 12 and did the same again. And this is where it went wrong - my software wouldn't start but complain about activation. By comparing the VM's config. So I kindly ask you to dig deeper into this issue in order to get it resolved.

KB Parallels: Transfer an existing virtual machine to a new Mac or an external drive

Why does using Parallels 12 and up result in a virtual hardware change? Many thanks for your efforts in this matter. Oct 4, PC market. This shift is causing an audience with two groups: However, this leaves PC users in an unfamiliar realm of user interfaces, startup chime noises, and native macOS applications. When you buy a new Mac, you do not have to install your VM again.

Migrating Your Windows PC to Mac in Parallels Desktop

You can just transfer an existing one by following the steps below. Locate the virtual machine on your old Mac hard drive.

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Parallels Desktop virtual machines have a. You can disconnect the external device now that your VM has been successfully moved to your Mac. Install Parallels Desktop , then double-click on the.