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Read the update again. It installs but will not launch — crashes every time. I posted a screenshot. I got Dragon 6. Maybe this was an issue with the beta version. Concerned about my license, I deactivated before upgrading to Catalina and reactivated. This was dictated using Dragon. Scott, thanks for your reply! Could you send a link to the update referred to?

Oh, OK, I get it now.

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I am also testing Voice Control Scott. I can confirm it the last update when you try to add a new word to the vocabulary it no longer crashes. I hope you are leaving Apple lots of feedback. I have. Have you figured out how to edit the correction choices? Is it not possible at this point? Yup, you can add words but they seem to have no effect on recognition accuracy.

No option to train them either. Hopefully this will change…. In addition, you must add any app that you want it to dictate into to the preference pane as well.

Dragon Dictate for Mac 6 - Speech Recognition OSX – Voice Recognition Australia

The most recent version of Dragon Dictate for Mac v. I currently have dragon 5. You cannot upgrade v5. You would need to purchase v6 which I cannot recommend as the software is discontinued. Apart from controlling the computer, how accurate is the native iOs dictation, is it comparable to Dragon? Can it be trained? Vocab added? I am a Windows user, so my interest is only for my Mac customers.

Not currently. The new version in macOS Catalina and iOS 13 called Voice Control, however, allows a custom vocabulary and continuous offline dictation.

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I advise any Nuance customer who purchased the Mac version to ask for a refund as I just did. I think that all Mac customers are treated unfairly and should be compensated by Nuance. I was really looking forward to dictating as part of my writing tools and read your book on the subject. Then discovered that Dragon for Mac is discontinued. You may be better off with a discounted version of v6 — you can at least update that to 6. I hope that would work for transcription. I basically just want to transcribe from a voice recorder. Sorry, I missed this question. The Windows version although using the same engine has better facilities to correct utterances, modify vocabulary, etc.

When dictating in programs such as Microsoft Word or other programs that use system-related panes for text entry, Dragon does a much better job of keeping track of cursor position, etc. The whole issue of getting confused and inserting text at the wrong location does not really exist on the Windows site. On the Macintosh side, you need to use AppleScript in order to control the system whereas on the Windows side, there are easy step-by-step commands to implement.

Also, I find it a lot more productive to use the handheld microphone from Nuance for dictation that allows its buttons to be customized for various functions. The main concern I would have about Dragon on Macintosh is that it may simply cease to function at some point. I do not know how well Dragon Anywhere as a cloud-based option might work for you in that case.

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Having said that, I believe Nuance may have made a mistake leaving the Macintosh platform. Currently, mobile platforms are dominated by Apple and Google, who are implementing their own speech solutions. Mobile clients are becoming increasingly capable. It is obvious that people are using mobile clients more while desktop and laptop computers are losing ground.

Perhaps Nuance is planning to completely move to a cloud-based solution. Uninstalled Dragon and prepped Mac for Catalina update. Completed update and reinstalled Dragon Professional 6. Is there an uninstaller program? Or did you just trash it? Were you able to use your existing profiles? Similarly, did you do anything special before you updated to Catalina to uninstall or trash or de-authorize Dragon? I just did The regular upgrade and everything worked fine. I was quite shocked.

I usually find that things that work for everyone else crash on my machines.

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  • Dragon for Mac is Dead – Nuance Discontinues Software Immediately with No Future Updates!
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    Let’s Talk About Speech (Recognition) on the Mac

    Notify me of new posts via email. Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash In a move that is likely to anger and dismay Mac users, Nuance has dropped a bombshell.

    In other words, Dragon for Mac is dead. Looks like this is the end of the line, folks. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Dear NM, et al.

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    Safari is problematic. Firefox and Chrome work better. Leave this field empty. THis is still no replacement for Dragon Dictate for Mac. I used this all the time. The main deficiency of the current Mac Dictate is the inability to save and correct user specific words.

    Until that is available we will be severely handicapped. Setting up Dictation Setting up Dictation is easy. How to use Dictation To make your Mac listen for Dictation commands, press the keyboard shortcut for starting dictation. Create your own commands Once you become comfortable using Dictation, you may wish to create your own commands. There you go.

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    • Dragon for Mac is Dead – Nuance Discontinues Software Immediately with No Future Updates;
    • Be Sociable, Share This! Is the problem that I got the Home version instead of the Professional version?