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Initially my router wasn't even being reported as a "seen" access point until I changed the transmit channel from 1 to 6.

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I made this determination by looking at the APs in the neighborhood that my car was listing and noticing that they were all on 6. The car is sitting in my driveway and the access point is in the bedroom closest to it about 40' away. The signal strength of my AP listed in my car is a little lower than the other APs around me, although mine should be the strongest simply due to the distance involved.

I did see the green check mark next to my AP name one time for just a few seconds. And each time I try to enable WiFi, it still is asking for my password.

How to find MAC address on Network - MAC address finder

Still trying to figure out what the problem is. Maybe you missed my main point about the WiFi in my car It did not even SEE my router when it was broadcasting on channel 1. At the time, it was the strongest signal in the area of my car on that channel; I have an app on my tablet which shows the signal strength of each AP.

Please see the following figures. Now, we can use the tool Ettercap in Kali Linux to simulate the attack.

Where do I find my Whistle Activity Monitor's MAC address?

So what have the tool done? We can check by using WireShark. It is only about several thousand for low level models to hundreds of thousands for advance models. If the MAC Address table is full of fake records, switch cannot find out the port of destination by checking the table.

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In this situation, switch will use Broadcast to transmit messages. Broadcast wastes network bandwidth and the most serious problem is the transmitted messages will be exposure and can be captured by anyone. Base address of the private MAC addresses allocated to this router or switch.

The private base address is the first MAC address after the allocated consecutive public count addresses. For example, if dc is the public base and 0x40 is the public count in hex, then dc would be the private base.

Find MAC Address Identifies Mystery Devices on Your Network

Replace number with the following values depending on the LCC configuration:. Replace member-id with a value of 0 or 1. MAC address information.