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How to Set Up a Home Media Center & Network – TV, Movies & Video on Demand

One of the best reasons to use an NAS is as a way to have your own media server for music, movies, and photos. Plex is easily the best solution. Once configured, Plex will take all the content on your NAS or even your entire network , and make it easy to server and playback. Plex is in the app stores for both QNAP and Synology, but sometimes the version there can be outdated. Plex is the easiest media server to setup, and it has apps for basically every platform known to man, meaning you can easily access content from basically any device—from your Android phone to your iPad, to the set-top-box attached to your TV.

You can watch Airplane! You can obviously buy or rip your media to your system, but there are apps that will make the process of procuring additional content that much better. As always, follow the copyright laws in your own country or region.

Screen Sharing and Basic File Access

There is a great app called Sonarr that makes it easy to basically download any TV show you want. It will even automatically continue to download each episode as it airs. Once you install the service, you add different sources that can be used to monitor the TV shows you want. That content can then be automatically ingested into Plex so you can watch your TV shows on your own time. BitTorrent is great, but maintaining a constant connection on a PC can be a pain.

The app can continue to run in the background while you do other stuff, so you can download new stuff and upload to others while accessing files or streaming media to your TV. In addition to storing your media, you might as well use all that hard drive space to back up your files. One of the best ways to use a NAS is as a backup solution for all the other files in your house.

This means that all of your data will be safely stored in case something happens to your mainmachine. Feel free to add new apps—maybe you want to run your own web server or even Minecraft server—and play around. The A.

Personal Cloud Owner Setup

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How to Use Plex to Build a Seamless Media Library

In the first floor plan, the access point is placed at the entrance. As you can see, the 5G coverage in the living room is poor, the slower 2G coverage is ok. When you place the access point in the living room, where most of the wireless devices are, you will get a good connection with great performance. So I really suggest that you first draw up your floorplan in the controller, so you can find the best location for the access point.

We all get guests in our house, it can be friends, family or relatives and they all have a cell phone. You might be tempted to give them your WiFi password, but what if their device has malware or a virus on it? Your network could be infected as well. Create a separate VLAN for your guest network to keep your network safe. If you have gone for the Unifi solution you can also use the Unifi Guest Network to prevent guests from accessing your local network.

Read more about the guest network and guest portal in this article. To keep our home network safe, we need to prevent malware and other malicious traffic. This can be done with a free service called OpenDNS. So when you type www. What OpenDNS does is keeping a list of known malicious servers.

How to Use Plex to Build a Seamless Media Library | WIRED

When your computer makes a request to www. This way it protects you from phishing and other malicious websites. OpenDNS is free for personal use and I really recommend using it. You should always change this immediately after you connected everything. Hackers can easily guess the password based on the manufacturer of the router or access point. All network appliances, router, access point, switch, smart devices, printers, need to be updated regularly to keep them secure. So every two months or so, check for the latest updates and apply them to the devices.

If you are using the Unifi network gear, then you can check it easily for all the devices from the controller. I hope you found this guide useful, if you have any question or suggestions, please let know.

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I have a fiber optic router in North East Thailand, with 2 usb ports. Every couple of months I try to Google some information how to connect a harddrive to the usb and get data, like music, visible for example on my smartphone. Do you have any suggestions how to fix this? I would be very grateful if I can play something from my own home network.

The in-wall looks like an easy, inconspicuous install. The signal of the in wall units is easily blocked by furniture. So you will need more in wall accesspoints then with the normal ones. Great posting! Very useful and clear. Still, I got several questions. As you said in earlier posts, the setup is something you probably do once and I do think I have some basic network experience to use both the USG and EdgeRouter.

What you will need

Although the USG sounds appealing because of the Unifi controller…. The one controller dashboard with the USG is nice especially the insights you get , but I prefer the performance you get with the EdgeRouter X. As soon as I do that, devices cannot connect anymore. Iwas wondering if I should also adjust domething in the HP switch in between?

Yes, you should also create the vLAN on the HP Switch and assign it to both the port of the router and port of the access point.

No problem with Inernet on computers, but when I try to set up a local network just to print from a USB-printer connected to one of them, a nightmare begins. The router IP adress is Monoprice has a great offer and easy website if you are a US customer, but they charge a lot for shipping. The German Monoprice store on Amazon.

How to Setup a Home NAS and Media Server

I would like to keep the mess to a minimum and need pretty much only a couple of centimeters for the connection between patch panel and switch. Can I use e. Does it matter over such short distances what the cable is made of? And does this impact minimum size? And would you expect issues by using extra thin cables to save some space?

Try netwerkproducten. I have great experience with them.