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By reducing startup costs for small business owners, H. This bill encourages small businesses to participate in research and development through the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfers programs. Sub-contractors who already participate in these programs will have the opportunity to improve their Small Business Administration SBA performance ratings if they agree to mentor new, small firms who wish to enter the federal contracting arena.

On September 13, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. On September 12, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. The exchange will take place between the U. Forest Service and the Walnut Grove Community Church, a congregation looking to expand their facilities on the four acres of federal land they currently reside on. The exchange will alleviate any disagreements between the church and U. Forest Service regarding use of the currently owned federal land. Additionally, the Walnut Grove Community Church will be responsible for all administrative costs associated with the exchange.

Once the landowner has fulfilled all payment obligations, their land will no longer be subject to acreage and pricing limitations which are negatively affecting the growth and financial stability of these privately owned operations.


On September 7, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. On September 6, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. This legislation attempts to improve and expedite the process of exporting smaller volumes of natural gas, which is an essential part of our trade relationship with countries in the Caribbean and Central and South America. On September 5, I joined of my colleagues in support of H.

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This legislation requires that federal student loan borrowers receive annual counseling that includes comprehensive explanation of the terms and responsibilities of their grants or loans. On September 4, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. This program, created in , was created to identify potential threats to our country through the collection and sharing of biometric data with other countries. This legislation will allow the U.

On July 25, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. This bill directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish qualifications and performance metrics for human resources positions at the Veterans Health Administration VHA. The VHA currently utilizes two personnel systems to hire employees, ultimately causing unnecessary complexity in the hiring process.

Due to this complication, it has been a continuing concern that human resource professionals do not have the necessary qualifications for their positions and cannot adequately assist our veterans. This bill expands the use of Health Savings Accounts HSA , which are tax-exempt accounts created exclusively to pay for qualified medical expenses. This legislation gives Americans more flexibility on how they spend this tax-exempt money on their health.

This bill expands access and use of Health Savings Accounts and lowers premiums on health care plans. Giving Americans more control over their health care is a priority of mine and this bill helps achieve that. House Amendment to S. On July 25, I joined of my colleagues in support of the House amendment to S. The NFIP provides affordable flood insurance to more than 22, communities across the country and encourages communities to adopt and enforce floodplain management regulations. While I believe the NFIP is in need of reform, this short term extension provides certainty through the hurricane season.

Congress must continue to work towards a permanent solution that would provide certainty for both insurance providers and consumers. On July 24, I joined of my colleagues in support of H.

This bill permanently repeals the medical device tax that was created under the Affordable Care Act. The 2.

This tax has placed an undue burden on both consumers and producers and has negatively impacted American manufacturing. On July 23, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. The coordinating agencies will also analyze the effectiveness of the current National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and determine the necessary steps to streamline access to potentially lifesaving resources. Department of Agriculture, to form a task force to evaluate the best ways to meet the broadband needs of precision agriculture in the United States.

On July 19, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. On July 19, , I joined of my colleagues in support of H. A carbon tax would negatively impact the U.

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On July 18, I joined of my colleagues in support of the H. Under H. On July 18, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. ICE officers work to enforce our immigration laws, fight against illegal drug trafficking networks, and dismantle national gang operations. This legislation will help sustain economic growth and ensure that American businesses remain profitable and successful. This bill directs the Department of State to establish a Mass Atrocities Task Force to strengthen State Department efforts and assist other agencies in conflict assessment and delegitimizing violence.

On July 17, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. Following the leak of sensitive information about the location and staffing of military bases and diplomatic outposts around the world, H. On July 16, , I joined of my colleagues in support of H. Army after the September 11th attacks and was an essential part of the 24th Qaurtermaster Supply Company, serving as a petroleum specialist in Iraq. In honor of his sacrifice and dedication to this country, H. Army who tragically lost his life on July 11, while on patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In honor of his patriotism and service to our country, H.

On July 13, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. Under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act, independent regulatory agencies were excluded from reporting requirements. This revision will increase transparency by requiring agencies to conduct UMRA analyses and report estimated costs that pieces of legislation would impose on the private sector and on state, local and tribal governments.

On July 12, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. Intelligence Community IC for fiscal years This legislation would provide funding to the IC, allowing for the strengthening and modernization of their technology and personnel. It is imperative that we invest in our intelligence organizations to ensure the security and integrity of our Nation.

Currently, the USBR can contract out operation and maintenance to nonfederal entities, but cannot transfer ownership without Congressional approval.

The USBR currently owns over 1, facilities and by transferring the ownership of some facilities we can give smaller operations the opportunity to leverage nonfederal financing for their facilities. On July 11, I joined of my colleagues in support of H.

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The MSA requires NOAA to maintain sustainable fish populations in federal coastal waters by setting harvest levels and enforcing bans on fishing by foreign entities. The bill also directs fishery management councils to consider ecosystem changes and economic needs of fishing communities when setting annual catch limits for different species. These considerations would provide flexibility for fishery managers to meet their specific regional needs. On July 10, I joined of my colleagues in support of H.

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R the Options Markets Stability Act. R revises the methods used by financial institutions and other third parties to calculate the value of derivative contracts they clear. R , the Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD could create a demonstration program within the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program to encourage those with housing choice vouchers to move from lower-poverty areas to areas with greater opportunities for employment and well-being.

HUD would identify and prioritize public housing agencies that serve areas with a high concentration of housing voucher recipients and have a sufficient supply of moderately priced housing in high-opportunity neighborhoods. This legislation would help reduce poverty by relocating individuals to areas with more opportunities and greater economic freedom. On June 28, I joined of my colleagues in support of H.

Now more than ever we must focus on providing our military personnel with the necessary resources to restore military readiness and this bill helps achieve that. While H. This bill did not fix an important part of our immigration system that directly affects the agriculture community and our economy. On June 26, I joined of my colleagues in support of H. The measure would expand the types of transactions subject to CFIUS review and define them more specifically than current law to ensure that American technology and intellectual property will remain protected.

This legislation would ensure that confidential information being used by the Federal Reserve for conducting stress tests are not inappropriately disclosed.

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This legislation will include as part of the Republic of Vietnam its territorial seas to allow veterans who served in Southeast Asia and Korea during the Vietnam War and are suffering from diseases linked to Agent Orange to qualify for expedited benefits. Current law prohibits federal payment under Medicaid for services provided in IMDs for individuals under This restriction has prevented many individuals from receiving treatment to combat their opioid use disorders and H.

This legislation helps healthcare providers overcome privacy rules that impose barriers to care for individuals who are suffering from opioid addictions. This provision of the bill is an over-step of the federal government, which should not mandate private businesses without proper funding. Because of this I could not support this bill.

This extension of authority will broaden our defenses against pharmaceutical fraud and assist in preventing opioids from being sold improperly. Customs and Border Protection to process certain international mail shipments and require advance electronic information on these shipments.