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Scannerz Lite

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End-of-life details Date discontinued. Apr 3, PM. Scannerz is not a "fixit" tool, it's a diagnostic tool. You use it to find problems with the drive and other system components.

DriveDx - the most advanced drive health diagnostics and monitoring utility

All the "repair" procedures described in their manual if the drive is repairable are done using Disk Utility. It's not a magic "fix it" tool, and IMHO it does the best drive testing available - and no I'm not the other guys friend.

With that said, a weak sector is sector that the drive can read, but it has a hard time doing it. The damage may be caused by a head crash or it could be caused by a defect on the actual platters of the drive. Several applications are available for Windows that will do the same thing Scannerz does on Macs. Weak sectors can be a PIA.

If a sector is bad, contemporary hard drives can re-map that sector to a spare sector. The problem with a weak sector is that in some cases, because it can be read, the drive may not mark it as bad and needing to be relocated, or it may mark it as "pending relocation" and never bother relocating it if the problem doesn't get worse. If the weak sector is in something that's read frequently, like a cache file, the weak sector may need to be read numerous times. I know that some manufacturers are allowing several seconds for timing problems to exist, which likely means the problem will never get fixed unless it gets worse and it may not.

There have been a few cases where we've gone ahead just replaced drives like that, even though they're technically in good working order, because they're such a PIA to deal with read that as frustrating. Fortunately most weak sectors aren't caused by inherent media defects, they're secondary artifacts of head crashes, and the drive, especially nowadays with drives being so cheap, simply get replaced. A good thing, however, about a weak sector vs.

SCSC Releases Scannerz Lite 1.7 for the Mac OS X Operating System

Your data can be recovered from a weak sector, not a bad sector. Disk Utility's "Repair Disk" fixes index corruption and does absolutely nothing to detect, repair, or remap bad or weak sectors. We use very few tools and I can see why the second poster is apprehensive of them. The only tools we take seriously are:. A tool is a tool. As far as I'm concerned it's supposed to do a job, not put on a song and dance act while in the process doing an inadequate job of what it's supposed to be doing. All three of the tools above are utilitarian in appearance and geared towards doing what they're supposed to do.

Most of the other tools on the market are, I don't know what to call them, "Jack in the Box's" or "Swiss Army Knife" tools? They do a lot of things, but I'm not sure how well they do them. Many of the things they do are already handled by other features in the OS already - like Disk Utility. Those are a few I can think of off the top of my head. You'll notice that the OS already provides a lot of the functionality that's built into these "Swiss Army Knife" type tools. The only way you can thoroughly test something like RAM or logic board specific components is to run an applicaton that puts the system into the appropriate diagnostic state, so you use AHT.

The only way that you can detect bad sectors and weak sectors is to use a tool that can detect them, so you use Scannerz. If you've had a drive with an index that's completely corrupt and Disk Utility can't fix it, you use Disk Warrior.