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Users can record expenditures on their phones on-the-go, then sync data to their desktops. Install the app on as many computers and mobile devices as needed, helping connected families keep their finances up-to-date. With a simple interface and variety of import options, Keynote should be on every Mac user's dock -- right now.

Users can craft their slideshow presentations with animations and over 40 design templates.

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Then, easily convert Keynote files into PowerPoint files. Play movies or music directly through the Mac's sound system with the Boom app. Boom dramatically boosts the volume limits of your Mac's speakers. Users create custom sound presets for programs like Netflix , Skype and YouTube. Pretty up your desktop background with Live Wallpaper.

These Are the Most Expensive iPhone Apps

With 24 official themes and many more created by the community , Live Wallpaper offers a real-time updating display complete with a clock, location-specific weather forecast and customizable wallpaper background. Divvy allows users to split their desktops into designated sections, improving workflow with more clicking and less typing. Define your own keyboard shortcuts, vastly improving the stock Mac method of clicking and dragging.

Users can also add their own text to the clips, making it perfect for the Photoshop -impaired. A simple photo combination and editing tool, Diptic offers 56 customizable layouts. Simply save images in the app and return at a later time.

Best Mac apps: 15 must-have apps from the Mac App Store

Plus, you can export Diptic photos at huge resolutions for higher-quality prints. Find out what's taking up your hard drive space with Disk Doctor, the top-rated disk cleaning app in the App Store.

Once installed, Disk Doctor scans your Mac's hard drive and creates a simple report that includes larger files you could delete to make space. Use your desktop background as a whiteboard. Perfect for jotting down an idea or giving a live presentation, DoodleDesk is cheap and fun to use. Living Earth HD pictures live cloud coverage, weather forecasts, a screensaver and wallpaper. Minimalistic and user-friendly, it contains an exciting feature called "Focus Mode:" Surrounding text fades into the background so users can focus on one sentence at a time.

With Alfred, create and launch your own workflows with customizable keywords or hotkeys. You can even design the color scheme of the interface. Instead of tracking down a file within a bunch of folders, set the preferences so all you have to type is "open [filename]. The app is free, though not greatly useful without the Powerpack option, built on top of the robust core of Alfred.

How to install an App (that is not on the App Store!)

The app generates and autofills passwords to every site you visit, encrypting your data with a single password you create. Pixelmator is an exceptional photo editing tool and stand-in for Photoshop. Users open and save images as PSD files with layers, just as they would in Photoshop. Pixelmator is extremely user-friendly and allows for much more customization than the average photo editing app. One of Fantastical's coolest features is its ability to understand natural language.

The app pulls data from your natural sentences and automatically adds them to your calendar, saving you time. Fantastical integrates perfectly with Google Calendar and iCal , making it the only digital calendar you'll need to update again. The Mac App Store , now two years old and offering just under 16, apps , is chock-full of great resources for Mac users.

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Whether your passion is photography, writing or gaming, the Mac App Store has a program that can help you do it better. Similar to the American Express Black Card, which is an invitation-only credit card that only the super affluent can own, VIP Black is an iOS app that only those with serious dough can own. Basically, the app has a number of partner venues, including Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition and Firmdale Hotels, where members can visit and enjoy special perks just because they own the app.

What kind of perks? For starters, surprise gifts, welcome packages, complimentary room upgrades and priority access. After passing that little test, users receive a personal consultation to see how VIP Black can best suit their needs, from a butler to a personal trainer to a private jet. Remember those snow globes you used to collect when you were little?

The Water Globe app for iOS is like a snow globe on crack. After downloading the app, you can use your finger to shake up the snowflakes, as well as physically shake and tilt your iPhone to create that snow motion. Plus, if you get bored of the same snow globe, you can change the background, gravity, snowflake size and amount of snow.

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And if you want a festive screen saver, Water Globe lets you set it to snow storm mode and leave it running. The next time you're out of town enjoying all those perks from your VIP Black app, you can track what's going on at home or your office to make sure everything's safe.

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Mobile Cam Viewer Enterprise Basic Version converts your iPhone into a home automation service, where you can control your live security and surveillance cameras, DVR, video servers and webcams from anywhere. Words and phrases are spoken using a built-in voice synthesizer or by playing a recorded message, and users can choose a voice that fits their personality. Each user can customize pages based on what buttons they frequently use: There are buttons to speak a message, change the volume, etc. And if they're in a noisy environment, users can tilt the screen to display the message in large letters.

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The Alchemist SMS is an app for those in the steelmaking and scrap metal recycling industry, not, as its name SMS would infer, related to text messaging. SMS stands for Scrap Management System, and the app gives the necessary tools for reducing raw material costs. The user inputs his available inventory of metal scrap, then The Alchemist SMS designs a Charge mix that meets the desired molten metal chemistries.

The app then produces a report in PDF format, and users can adjust their specifications at any time. Want to pass your California bar exam?