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If you send it as a Pages File, or Microsoft Word File its up to the application its opened in to underline the spelling errors it thinks it has, you cannot control it on another person's computer. Feb 1, AM in response to 5llll5 In response to 5llll5. If your concerned the red lines will appear once you export and send to someone then export to PDF if the agency allows you to; most do. The red lines are strictly for your reference, unless you send a pages file to the employer in word, rtf or another text format like a native pages format then the document will appear with whatever settings they have on their end.

Feb 1, AM. Page content loaded. Like a thousand before you, the specific numeric version of the Pages application that you are using has been omitted. Please provide that: Pages menu : About Pages. I converted to text and sent it to myself as a test and the lines were there. I have to upload resume to a site, so perhaps the lines just won't be there on their website.

I appreciate your time!

If you opened the Text file you sent yourself in Pages it will still underline them because that's what Pages does for all formats it supports, but you cannot turn it off for other people's applications. If you upload it as a Pages File to the employer website they may appear for them, but again you cannot control that. Feb 2, PM in response to 5llll5 In response to 5llll5. Feb 2, PM. Feb 3, PM in response to 5llll5 In response to 5llll5.

Feb 3, PM.

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Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: 5llll5 5llll5. Question: Q: Question: Q: removing red lines under words I have unchecked auto spelling in preferences and have added "ignore words" as well. More Less. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: Phil Phil Answer: A: Answer: A: Ignore them. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Right-Clicking for Spellcheck on the Mac

This tool enables organizations that have multiple teammates reviewing a document to make changes or annotations. This can result in a hard-to-read document, because all changes and comments are displayed.

Remove Red and Green Underlines in Word

At some point, the markup notations must be removed so that the document can be finalized in a clean version that is ready to be distributed. Make sure each item has a check mark beside it; add one by just clicking on it, if necessary.

By accepting all of the changes, Word removes their markups. Word will reject them and remove their markups from the document.

Office 2008 for Mac For Dummies

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