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Rate it. Also ranked 2 in What are the best multi im client apps. Benjamin Kelly. When I finally got the time, having Yakyak on my mac finally allowed me to send chats to my colleagues. However, improvements must be done because I can't place calls on Yakyak. Also ranked 3 in What are the best multi im client apps.

Franz makes it easy for me to collate all my messaging apps into one. So I have good experience using this computer app because I don't have to check my phone from time to time.

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Also ranked 8 in What are the best messenger Services for PC. This is a good solution 8. This one still has some persistent bugs that seem to stick around throughout various versions of the software. Also, it generally works fine with Google Chat, but it has discontinued support for some less popular older clients, which is an issue you might have to take into consideration.

What are the best Google Chat clients for Mac Os X?

Also ranked 1 in What are the best Android apps for chatting with stranger Indian people anonymously. This is a good solution 6. Kathryn Garrett. I'm about to give up that Google chat app 'cause of the crappy extension but Chatty saved my arse. Only, phone calls aren't available yet but I can use this well for chatting. This is a good solution 3.

How to set up Google Talk on your Mac

With Chat for Hangouts, I don't have to open the Chrome browser just to receive messages. I'm actually receiving messages with silent notifications. This is a cool software to use on my Mac PC.

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Love it! This is a good solution 2. It allows you to pick up the conversation later say, if you have to find an answer for something and that might take a while or you have to break and do something else but the conversation is important. I don't know if it will solve the problems of people walking and driving while messaging but it might help one to be more efficient.

Free video chat program that enables you to stay in touch with your friends and family.

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Internet Phone. Yahoo Messenger. Works with existing Gmail contact lists Both text and video chat available Simple interface for easy use, communication.

Use of some icons not clear Video messaging uses high bandwidth, resources. Developer Name: Google Inc. Number of programs by Google Inc. Google Chrome 2. Google talk 3. Google Earth 4. Picasa 5. Chrome App Launcher See all 13 programs.

Voice and video chat for Gmail

Like 9. It says it works with Yahoo Messenger - I don't think so. I love this app, but I updated to OS X Open a chat window, then try to close that window and Adium will crash. Like 3. Hold your horses. Like 1. Robby-is-on: NO actually. Gadu-Gadu is one service that uses the libpurple library, which is the source of the Adium problem. Adium was slow to update to the patched version of libpurple.

And which of those are actually affected by the vulnerability then? Apart from Gadu-Gadu? Always use it with my coworkers in the office. The app works just fine to chat over the local network. Both As I posted below, there's a beta that fixes that, but it was released April , and doesn't include the Sparkle fix. Maltz2 - Thanks man that worked to fix the gmail issue. According to the Adium site, 1.