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Further, head-fi is perfect for rigs in land scarce Singapore. Measuring just 6. No comments:. Labels: Digital , Head-fi , Resonessence Labs. Tuesday, February 18, B. Audio PureDAC.

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Audio has enjoyed increased visibility locally with the launch of a number of new products over the last year or so. When the PureDAC was announced, there was a certain degree of buzz, with its DSD capability at what was then considered a very affordable price tag.

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When the product was finally launched some months ago, a number of low cost DSD capable DACs were already in the market, many at a lower price tag than the B. Nonetheless, the B. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite. This unit is absolutely stunning in the flesh.

I am hearing better detail from top to bottom with 1. We talk about pace or the ability to reproduce dynamic sense of rhythm; Pure Music 1. Bass, and particularly the drums are well defined and dynamic sounding.

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I found myself drawn into this recording in a way I have never been in the past. As I previously mentioned, bass and particularly the mid bass, are reproduced with excellent definition. No sonic blurring is occurring with the new software. This live recording is out of print, but I have the original vinyl from and the CD.

Many of my music programs add mid bass warmth to this recording that obscures the midrange.

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Pure Music 1. Gapless playback was tested and it worked flawlessly allowing Pure Music to add the files into memory with perfect playback.

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In summary, Pure Music 1. In fact, it is now my new reference program.

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This is not a euphonic program like many out there that add warmth or richness to the music. It is very revealing of detail from top to bottom and the acoustic space of the recording. Rob Robinson has created something very special in Pure Music 1. I hope that you find it as entertaining and engaging as I have.

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Pure Music has a feature called Less Is More that allows one to run the program without iTunes integration. I have no idea if Pure Music will work with the new iTunes. Sorry for what is probably a dumb question but I am new to the world of computer based audio. I thought that all the computer did was supply a stream of bits to the DAC.

The sound quality should be determined by the nature of the DAC. Why should the software on the computer, e. What am I missing? And here's a link to all 10 questions which will give you more information about why this is the case. Is there a workaround? This info can be found at the Support link for Channel D:. Pure Music must be identified as a "trusted" application to launch it, if it was downloaded after installing Mountain Lion OS X Navigate to the Pure Music application icon should be located in the Applications folder, if installed as advised.

Hold down the Control not command key on the keyboard and simultaneously click on the Pure Music application icon. Select Open from the pop-up contextual menu that appears. Click Open in the ensuing dialog box, shown below. I've been using PM for nearly two years, and it has evolved from a somewhat buggy tool that modestly improved the sound to a really nice piece of software that makes a big difference over iTunes.

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I installed 1. I wonder if they figured out a way to lower the noise floor a touch, 'cause it does sound more dynamic. While I have a few quibbles, I am a very happy customer! My daughter did not seem impressed. They offered some niceties and went back to doing their own thing. Oh well, I suppose it is a matter of taste. DAC-2v2 Series Manual v2.

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Luckily, there are a lot of great pairs available, like the Sennheiser HD1 wireless headphones. The DSF files almost always sound more distant and less detailed. Member Posts: We may disclose your personal data in the following circumstances, as required or permitted by applicable law:. Many of my music programs add mid bass warmth to this recording that obscures the midrange. Other sites in the MAC network.

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