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Them unzip the jterm-[version]. Run the application as "java -jar jterm.

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More conveniently, run the script "jterm. Limitations The downloaded JTerm application is a demo version. It has several limitations such as: one console per desktop, no SSH terminal, restriction on running jar files etc.

To activate the full version, register using the Membership link and send your donations. Then you can activate the demo version selecting [Menu]-[Activate] and entering your user name exactly as you requested during the membership registration. Viewed 2k times.

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Is it possible to run these files on a Mac running El Capitan or above? MicroMachine MicroMachine 1, 6 6 gold badges 23 23 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges.

Running Java Programs with Command-Line Arguments

However, this JAR does not contain a suitable manifest for launching, i. However, that still doesn't work. ClassNotFoundException: javax. Graphics […] That's because this JAR doesn't support being run on a computer.

Thanks for the answer! Any way to run it within another frame, like as a part of an emulated OS?

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What Is Jar Launcher?

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Running Java Programs with Command-Line Arguments

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