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You can find a Donate button at the top of the Mojave Patcher site. Your older Mac will now be able to keep up with the latest security updates. Although firmware updates are not included those are model-specific, and Apple only releases them for supported Macs , your macOS will nevertheless be more secure than it was with the old version of Mac OS X you were likely running.

Every time a new macOS is released, I look forward to the next macOS Patcher, as it keeps our beloved—and still more than capable—old Macs around for just a while longer. Did you try this guide? Let us know in the comments which Mac you upgraded and what challenges you experienced, if any. Every week, Intego's experts discuss Apple security on the Intego Mac Podcast , so be sure to subscribe to make sure you don't miss the latest episode. You'll also want to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and keep an eye here on The Mac Security Blog for updates.

Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog. Sep 5, 1, Oregon, USA. Just put a crucial M in my A little more space than I need but the noise and lack of space were really driving me nuts. If you can coordinate the OS upgrade at the same time, all the better.

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Wuiffi macrumors a. Oct 6, Just pick the cheapest one you can find, as the speed is limited by Sata 2 as you said. Jul 8, 31 8. There may have been others, I don't know. Also, Samsung worked without issue. There are many others that do not use Sandforce controllers also, do the research! This difficulty does not appear to affect later Macs that use the Intel controller.

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Wuiffi said:. Thanks for your advices! Bobtennis - you're right that my Mac Mini has got the NVidia controller. According to the comments in this thread these controllers should work fine together. In another thread I found that Crucial m4 would work fine but this appeared to be sold out at shops near me. I will post a reply when I got my new SSD installed.

And in the meantime I will have a look at OWC's video guide. Jan 31, 88 1 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. T status of "failing" so hopefully I can clone the drive to the new SSD hybrid before it kaks itself.

2009 MacMini Upgrade

Jul 30, 1, 3. Those are much cheaper, deliver loads of storage for media center use, and pretty well saturate the bandwidth of SATA 3. And the point is? Mac malware count reaches 3, desktop PCs making a comeback, Mac mini in the living room, and more , Mac News Review, A year ago, the Mac version of VirtualBox lacked some essential features.

Apple Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo (Mid 2010, Server Model)

The worst depreciation afflicts high-end models. Virtual PC works with Leopard, Intel vs. Neither does Leopard. Also Power Mac vs. Also using a computer display with HDTV and cleaning your keyboard in the dishwasher.

Apple Mac mini Desktop Computers Price 12222

Intel mini vs. Used Intel Mac mini vs. Also the rate of Leopard adoption, Adobe launches free Photoshop Express, Mac mini media center, and more. Power Mac G5 vs. Also iMac vs. The box and manual say nothing about Mac compatibility, but this 18x USB 2. Readers weigh in on the pros and cons of the Mac mini — and whether Apple should replace it with a more expandable Mac.

Also 15 years of ThinkPads, reliability and all-in-one devices, and thoughts on upgrading operating systems. Does a college freshman need to run Windows on a MacBook? Can you put 3 GB in a Mac mini? Looking for a virtualization solution for your Intel Mac? The latest beta of VMWare Fusion makes several improvements and includes some unique features.

Mac Mini Core 2 Duo / (Late ) | iGotOffer

Geekbench scores make it possible to compare the newest 3 GHz 8-core Mac Pro with the 1. If you need to run Windows apps on your Intel Mac once in a while, CrossOver may be the least expensive way to do so since it eliminates the need to buy a copy of Windows. With 1. To AppleCare or not to AppleCare?

Late 2009 Mac Mini as music server

Consumer Reports, which generally recommends against extended warranties, says AppleCare makes sense. But does it?

By adopting industry standards, Apple has made it much easier for Mac owners to add memory, expansion cards, and faster CPUs to their computers. If you work with software that predates the Intel transition, you may be better off sticking with PowerPC Macs.