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Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial - Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor

Adam Banks takes a closer look. Image 1 of 6 Microsoft Excel for Mac. Adams Banks Reviews 22 Oct, The return of Visual Basic, the Ribbon interface and new collaboration features will make many users look again at Excel on the Mac. Read more about Software.

Excel for Mac features and add-ins issues

On the Help menu, click Developer Reference. On the Advanced tab, under Advanced Options , select the Run in developer mode check box. Click OK. I don't see the Developer tab On the Tools menu, click Options.

How do I run in developer mode? On the Tools menu, click Options. Expand your Office skills.

vba macro editor in Excel 2008 Mac version 12?

Get new features first. This can be simple, or time-consuming depending upon size and shape of your worksheet. To select the entire used range with VBA is a simple matter. You can also create a macro to select the entire used range by opening the VBA Editor, inserting a Module, and entering the following code.

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Select End Sub. To make things simpler to run the macro, you can enter a shortcut. To add a shortcut, select a macro and click Options… which will bring up the Macro Options dialog box.

Visual Basic for Applications

Enter a shortcut key by clicking inside the Shortcut key box and pressing a key on the keyboard. Enter a description if you wish, and then click OK. Select the Cancel button on the Macro dialog box to make it disappear.

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