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It was a rough start to Apple's new flagship line. It revised the machines, now all using the AGP-based architecture. This model is named the "Power Mac G4 Gigabit Ethernet ," a nod to the new connectivity built into the machine. The headline here was the CPU, however.

Only the MHz model could be custom-ordered with dual processors, thanks to supply constraints out of Motorola. Just a few months later, in July , Apple took the wraps off the Power Mac G4 QuickSilver , a whole new case design that is my personal favorite of the three. This second-generation case was cleaner and more professional looking.

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It traded in its pinstripes for smooth gray plastic. The drive doors and handles were more refined, and the front panel's main feature was a large speaker.

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Compared to its siblings, the QuickSilver looks downright plain, but I think it is my favorite of the three designs. That meant that the cheapest QuickSilver was the same speed as the most expensive Graphite. An MHz model with a SuperDrive! It came with a new L3 cache, as did the mid-range MHz model. August of brought with it the final form of the Power Mac G4.

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  5. Named "Mirror Drive Doors," this case was much closer to the QuickSilver than the QuickSilver had been to the Graphite, but the front panel was radically different, with its four new air intakes and media drive doors gaining a mirror-like finish:. These machines quickly became known as the "Windtunnel G4" for the amount of fan noise. Apple eventually offered a replacement program for the power supply and fans, but the name stuck.

    With much faster components than previous G4s, the Mirror Drive Doors came with variable speed fans.

    This was an attempt on Apple's part to keep the noise down, but the machine still gained a reputation for being too loud for some customers. A quick look at the back of the three case styles shows how much more air Apple was trying to move through the Mirror Drive Doors case:.

    Today in Apple history: End of the line for Power Mac G4 Cube

    Above it were dual 1. The new connector came with much faster data rates than FireWire This was a big deal for video and graphics professionals working with large files. While offering so many new features, Apple was able to drop the price this time around. The entry-level, dual 1.

    Restoration Therapy: Apple Power Mac G4 QuickSilver 2002

    The high-end dual 1. If the CPU was the only part of the computer that mattered, we would stop here and recommend everyone go out and buy a G4 -- but there's more to a computer than the CPU.

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    Round one went to the G4 and its faster processor, but what about high-end video speed? The type and speed of the graphics adapter is very important for any kind of graphics intensive tasks including 3D modeling, games, CAD programs, and other video applications.

    This is a capable graphics card system however, it is a generation behind what is available in high end PC systems. Round 1 went to the G4, and round 2 went to the Pentium III with almost twice the high-end graphics speed. Our last area of comparison is the RAM and Bus speeds of the two computers. A slow system bus will also result in wait states. AirPort Technology centers around a wireless base station device. Macs can be up to feet away from a Base Station, and the wireless data rate is up to 11 megabits per second. The nice part is that several Macs can use the same base station to connect to the Internet.

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    It is mostly used to connect to video cameras or other high speed devices like external hard drives. Some Sony computers feature Firewire. What conclusions can be reached from the above analysis? However, we also have shown that the PC platform has available graphics cards that are almost twice as fast as the Power Mac's and the PC memory throughput is twice as efficient. So which system is really faster?

    Apple Ships Dual 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4

    Probably the answer to that question is -- it depends. It depends on what software applications you intend to run on your computer. If you seldom use high-end graphics then the Power Mac would certainly be the faster system. Then again, some of you may have no choice as your software will only run on one of the platforms. In the end, we have to declare both platforms as winners despite our steel shorts , as each system is advancing computer technology.