How to get word back on my mac

When I press save on a new document, a message pops up saying, "Word cannot save this document due to naming or permissions error on the destination volume. Why is this happening? The hint here is " Microsoft is a great provider for those of us who do tech support for a living. What that error likely means is that something in MS Word and possibly the rest of MS Office on your system is damaged.

The part is most likely in the part of Word that writes to disk. Failing that it could be that the temporary recovery file that Word creates for every document is damaged or that the preference file for MS Word is also damaged. The former is here:.

Where do I find my Office for Mac 2011 product key?

Trash all the autorecovery files and trash the. That should fix it. If not you may actually have file system damage on your HD. This is a repeating error that seems to keep coming back once you get it. You can re-install Office and it will go away for a short while, then come back. I've seen people buy a new Mac, and the problem will follow from old Mac to new.

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It is clearly a software problem, and it is somewhere in Word. I've spent hours reinstalling over and over, deleting every last trace if anything microsoft related.

How To Get 2018 Microsoft Office 100% FREE For Mac ! (UPDATED Latest Version 2018)

It keeps coming back. If you are running a For example, if you want to revert back on all the Office apps, delete them all. If you only want to revert back on Word, delete Word only. Microsoft Outlook - In order to revert back to a This will also delete your mailbox data stored on your computer.

If you're an Office , Outlook. Delete the " Main Profile " folder and all its contents. In Safari, re-download the Office app or apps you just deleted.

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The links below will download the last production-ready Office for Mac. Word for Mac. Excel for Mac. PowerPoint for Mac.

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If the actual Microsoft Word application is not in the Microsoft Office folder in Applications and spotlight cannot find it somehow you deleted it. The question mark in the dock is only because the original got moved or deleted from where the dock thiks it is. Apologies for having assumed you wouldn't know about dragging it off the dock.

Add the Office for Mac app icon to the dock

From what you describe, it certainly does sound like Word is really gone! If you really deleted it, I am not familiar with how you can prove to MS that you really bought it and are entitled to it, but the first thing I would try is to download the "trial version" again from MS. If you paid for it the registration information should still be present and it will run without complaint. Mar 9, 8: I'll try your suggestion for the trian version. If this was bought from apple with office preinstalled then you might just try calling apple or go to the apple store and explain the situation and they may be able to replace it for you. I assume your stuff was registered so they have records of what you ordered.

On the other hand, since you already do have MS installed and registered then you should be able to extract Word out of the trial. Note the trial office is a MB download! Microsoft Word had "disappeared" from my iMac where could it have gone? More Less.