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It is actually possible to take an older The process is complicated and easy to screw up. You also have to install the Finally, you need access to a newer install disc that has a compatible kernel you can borrow, so it makes more sense to just use the newer disc to install it in the first place.

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Start by creating a virtual machine. This custom firmware is called efisrvr. Once you have the file, put it in the same directory as your. Note that there is a potential danger in doing this.


The efisrvr. Despite that concern, it seems to work fine in my experience.

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The reason for the kernel panic is because OS X Add the following line to the vmx file:. You can find a matching model string to use here e. Now the installer will run normally, and nothing special is required to get VMware to boot from the hard drive after installation.

How to Install Mac OS X Leopard without VT on VMware

Thank you! I was in a similar situation.

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  5. Hi Doug, I would like to thank you. Excellent work, Doug. Good job coalescing and explaining the details and steps.

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    Once those were in hand, your clear and easy instructions made it was a piece of cake. The installer IDs the machine as The Classic environment never worked on Intel Macs.

    Would you be willing to give, or sell me a premade, working VM file? Per VM: Open the vmx file for the guest and add the relevant lines from above. Per User: Add the 2 lines to the user defaults file which can be found in the following paths.

    You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

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    EFI Unlocker 1 is designed for the following products:. The checks for the server versions are done in VMware's virtual EFI firmware and looks for a file called. The patch modifies the firmware to check. Windows open a command prompt and run: efi-windows. Linux open a terminal session and run: efi-linux. The patched firmware files will be found in the same folder as the tool and are called:. There are 3 preferred ways to use the firmware, by VM, by user or by host system.

    For each option there are 2 possible. You can add both and the correct one will be used based on the the guestos setting. You will need to put the full. Open the vmx file for the guest and add the relevant lines from above.