How to remove key from keychain on mac

How to manage keychain clutter in OS X

From here, when the system creates a new log-in keychain you can open Keychain Access and choose "Add Keychain" from the "File" menu. Selecting the renamed keychain will make it available, and you can then unlock it and drag desired items from it to the newly created log-in keychain. Have a fix?

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Don't show this again. Computers How to manage keychain clutter in OS X The OS X keychain is useful for storing authentication information, but can get cluttered with unused items that sometimes may prevent it from working properly.

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Then remove the certificate with the following command:. That's all. Now you can import your certificate again.

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In case of an error, you can restore your keychain with the following command:. At the beginning I thought it removes only the key, but in fact it removes certificate too you just need to close the keychain completely and open it again to see the changes - if you are verifying it with GUI. Learn more about Teams. Asked 7 years, 10 months ago. Active 10 months ago.

Viewed 28k times. I've tried to add the codesign app to the access list to no avail: I've tried to re-import the identity with the added parameter but that does not seem to change the access list of the private key. I've also tried deleting the certificate from the keychain using security delete-certificate and re-importing.

This does not change the access list of the private key. Erik 3, 17 17 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges.

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Delete Wireless Passwords from Keychain on a Mac - ServiceNow KB

Thanks for the very detailed answer! I've not imported the identity into the System-Keychain but into the Login-Keychain - just as I intended. I've already tried the delete-certificate subcommand but it only deletes the certificate, not the private key. One such function is used by the darwinssl shim in libcurl when loading a client certificate. Unfortunately the darwinssl shim doesn't authorize libcurl to use the client certificate when it loads it, which would result in a popup from Keychain asking for permission to use the private key from the certificate every time Passenger tried to contact the update check server.

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We have taken the following steps to prevent this popup from happening:. If you are seeing a Keychain popup mentioning Passenger, or you saw a message in your logs mentioning a certificate or popups, then it is likely that the certificate has not been correctly removed from your keychain.

In this case the following procedure should rectify the problem:.