How to secure a folder on mac

To create a password-protected folder on your Mac , follow these steps to turn your folder into a disc image file. If you haven't done so already, create the folder you want to encrypt and add your sensitive files to it. Open the Applications folder on your Mac.

Open the "Disk Utility" app. From the menu at the top of your screen, to the right of the Apple icon, choose File. From the New Image menu, choose Image from Folder. Choose "Image From Folder" to begin the process. From the folder window that opens, choose the file you want to add a password to and click Choose. You can rename the file once you choose it, if you want. In the window that has popped up, there are menus for Encryption and Image Format. You'll need to change both of these from the default choices. Click the menu next to Encryption and choose "bit AES encryption recommended.

There are two options for creating passwords. Once you have chosen your encryption level, a window will pop up that asks you to set your password. Click the key icon to the right of the password to see how secure your password is. Ablo says:. April 8, at pm.

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How to Password Protect a Folder on a Mac

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How to Make a Password Protected Folder on Mac

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How to Encrypt a Folder in Mac OS X

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How to Make a Folder Password Protected

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How to Password-Protect Folders on Mac

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Three Ways to Hide or Password Protect File or Folder for Mac

Just don't expect it to simplify things, offer support, or take things to the next level. With Concealer you can drag and drop the files you wish to encrypt into the program, and it then transfers them to a protected file library. It's got great organizational tools, and it keeps file sizes small.

The only problem is it takes a little while to encrypt files — more so than other applications on the market. If you need to protect files regularly, or if you have several that need to be encrypted right now, you might save time with another option. It also offers some unique features like "Plausible Deniability.

The program offers up fake folders and files to convince the attacking party that they cracked your system. While neat, it's not as necessary as features that it lacks, such as a digital file shredder to permanently delete files from your system. Unfortunately, it's limited beyond that aspect.