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But thats all I can really think of. It doesn't look that much better that you should get the pc version over the xbox one, but it is nice if you've got a pc to handle the resolutions not sure if it's well optimized or not, runs fine on my HD If you only have a pc and want to play it then I highly recommend it, it's a great game and doesn't have the incredible annoyances of some ports. Way better than the stuttery version.

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And it has full native controller support with all the right buttons and stuff. Also comes with the dlc.

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Definite version I say. Underachiever said:. AC:B looks awesome on pc and playing with mouse and keyboard is fine.

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  8. Just finished and loooooooved it. Ran and played fine with much better then console counterpart graphics.

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    Play my RPG. Posted 21 December - AM. Community Forum Software by IP. Board Licensed to: The Porting Team. Porting Team v3. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and wired controller. Started By rasert , Jul 05 PM. Please log in to reply.

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood Mac Free

    Because I tried with no success. This game officially has no gamepad support or is there some kind of patch that I can install to fix this? I searched everywhere for information but the Ubisoft's Mac games seems to be something hidden.

    Steps to play Assassins Creed 2 with PS3 controller in Mac?

    With no support at all. It is ridiculous. Can someone help me on this one? Check out this game's soundtrack on Music Unlimited Not a member? Get a free 30 day Music Unlimited trial here.

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    Meanwhile, in , Desmond Miles continues to contact his ancestors through the Animus, and has travelled to Monteriggioni to investigate the life of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze even further. Desmond and his fellow modern-day assassins must restore electricity in the destroyed Villa Auditore and use it as their new hideout in which to base their investigation.

    Picking up where its predecessor, Assassin's Creed II, left off, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood takes Ezio to the Italian capital to rebuild a city filled with greed and corruption. Monteriggioni, the city that players worked so hard to restore in Assassin's Creed II, is in ruins after an attack by Cesare Borgia and his army.

    Before you continue...

    The city walls have been torn down and Ezio's uncle, Mario Auditore, has been brutally murdered. Ezio flees the ravaged Monteriggioni and travels to Rome, the heart of the Templar Order. Here he must restore the Assassin Brotherhood and take down not only the Templars, but also destroy his new arch-enemy, Cesare Borgia.

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has you skilfully scaling medieval buildings and launching yourself seamlessly between rooftops to evade capture and locate challenges.

    That's not you, right?

    However, this time, your enemies are increasingly deadly and the environment, packed with mission-based challenges, is much more vast. As you explore your surroundings with the help of your expert climbing skills and detailed map, you will experience a detailed and accurately recreated city, coupled with a storyline influenced by real historical events.

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    Climbing to the top of Borgia towers and huge ancient buildings will not only allow you to complete challenges, but also provide you with an extensive view of this impressive and picturesque setting. Ezio has an almost regal appearance in his pristine robes and immaculate armoury and coupled with the rich, luscious environment of Renaissance Rome, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's compelling, vibrant feel will impress from start to finish.